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I could start a life of international crime!!

March 4th, 2008 at 07:15 pm

...we went to get our passports today...everything ok for Ale...then the clerk checks my documents and everything is OK...then she tries to take my fingerprints...the machine CAN'T READ THEM!!!....

I don't understand this: I haven't had any accidents or cuts, I don't work with harsh chemichals...I don't even do housework regularly (in case you thought the detergents might have had something to do with it)..and, I don't suppose they could get "worn" from typing, could they?...this is sooo frustrating!...so, now I'm supposed to go to a dermathologist to get a medical certificate that states there's a problem with my fingerprints...then I have to go back to passports to get an appointment for their main office downtown...which means 2 days off work (1 to go to THIS branch office so they call downtown to get an appointment, then ANOTHER one to actually GO downtown...and, NO, you cannot call yourself!) ... ((sigh))...IF we do the Disney trip, then I definetely have to break it in 2 and make sure I have plans to stay overnight at the point of entry, just in case the machines at the airport in the US cannot read my fingerprints either!....((double sigh))

4 Responses to “I could start a life of international crime!!”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! What a weird problem. Only you, right? Smile I've never seen fingerprint machines here in the US. Hope you don't have any more problems. Let us know why they think they did'nt work.

  2. Compulsive Debtor Says:

    I just saw a news report about criminals slicing off their fingertips or having their fingerprints surgically removed in crude operations. As you sure you don't fall under one of these categories?????

  3. miclason Says:

    Boomeyers: sis says she saw a segment on TV the other day where a dermatologist was saying these cases were increasing!...apparently it is most common among seniors! --oh, and the US is now taking a picture and ALL fingerprints of any foreigners entering the country...(used to be only 1 fingerprint was required!)

    Compulsive debtor: I assure you my fingerprintlessness is natural...at least, I hope it is, and not part of some weird disease! Wink

  4. RegkinsOrDie Says:

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