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Our nanny wants to learn to cook....

October 18th, 2005 at 11:29 pm

so we are suffering through her attempts! LOL!...I will have to tell her she has to mix ingredients, I packed some of the meatballs she made for dinner yesterday (I had a soup and did not try them)...half of one was good, the other half was almost pure pepper!....
and, about a week ago, I tried a stew she had was good, until I came to a spoonful that had half of an undissolved bouillon cube....ack! super-salty and I just couldn't continue eating after that!...when she doesn't use any condiments (like when she cooks for DD) she's much better...and then, it's way easier to ADD stuff than take out!...I'm taking all those leftover meatballs and turning them into a bolognese sauce tonight!...might have to add sugar to get rid of all the pepper!!

That being said: I totally support her efforts!

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